Vision, Mission & Objectives


To imbibe work culture and transforming lives and community through learning along with inculating scientific temperament, moral and ethical values.


To consider teaching a vocation. 
To teach according to standard of students. 
To establish friendly relation with students. 
To take teaching as a mission . 
To discipline the students. 
To search talent in students. 
To inspire the students. 
To instill humanity. 
To prepare students to face the challenges of rapidly changing society.


To provide qualitative education to students hailing from rural and backward areas.
To inculcate discipline among students in terms of sincerely, regularity, punctuality and social responsibility.
To imbibe values like social-respect social equality and feelings of fraternity without caring/creed/ cast/religion.
To enable the students so that they may compete with the changing global scenario.
To develop humanitarian attitude among students for the general cause of humanity.
Developing dignity of labour among the students making them self-reliant in every walks of life.