The National Service Scheme was formally allowed to be introduced in the C.R. Kisan College by the Programme Co-coordinator N.S.S. of Kurukshetra University in the year 1972. The N.S.S. unit of C.R. Kisan College is composed of the N.S.S. programme officer and one more than hundred (100) students volunteers. The N.S.S. unit of our college has been playing a vital role in case of personality development of students through participating in different activities. The N.S.S. unit has also been playing a major role in establishing a meaningful linkage between the college campus and the community.

Accordingly, the C.R. Kisan College N.S.S. unit has adopted a village i.e. Khokhri in Jind. The N.S.S. unit of the college has been trying to provide different community services to the village people as far as possible.

The following is the consolidated statement of N.S.S. unit of C.R. Kisan College : - 

1.Name of the Programme Officer : - Dr. Meenakshi

2.No. of N.S.S. Volunteers : - 103
3.No. of N.S.S. Unit at present : - 1

4.N.S.S. Advisory Committee : -

        (a)   Chairman : - The Principal, Dr. S.S. Malik

        (b)   Convener : - Dr. Bharam Parkash

        (c)  Members : - Dr. Rammehar Redhu, Dr. Kulbir Redhu

        (d)   N.S.S. student leader : - Karamjit, Roll No – 2204, B. Com. Final