Library is the heart of any Institution. Library of this college is full of Books. The collection of books in the Library is in accordance with the need of students, Lecturers and Syllabus. In this Library, books on almost all subjects are available. Library has special importance for fulfilling educational and cultural activities.

In the present time, there are total 45,703 books in record of all subjects and syllabi to increase the knowledge of students and Lecturers. These books are divided in various sections. There are 21,828 books on General Subject and 21,515 books of syllabus of different subjects. Instead of these books, there are 792 books in SC/ST cell,524 books in Women Cell,528 books in Guidance Bureau and 516 books in Donation Cell. Total 7875 books are written off and almost 8500 books are kept in a separate room due to change in syllabus.

Every student is issued an Identity Card. On various days, Students are issued books on Identity Card and Library Card. To the students of UG Classes, 2 books are issued and to PG Classes Students, 3 books are issued. All data of Library is recorded in Computer.

There are 100 chairs in reading room for students. 12 Newspapers, 6 Magazines and 27 Generals of various subjects have been purchased for students and Staff Members.

The reading room of Library is big and airy, which has the proper arrangement of light. Library has been laced with CCTV Cameras so that we can have an aye on the each and every corner of the Library. Reference Books are kept in Reference Section in which Dictionaries and Encyclopedia of various subjects are collected. Time to Time, students and Lecturers take advantage of this. Our Library has a huge collection of competitive books which are issued to students and they take a great advantage of these books.