Chhotu Ram Kisan College popularly known as C. R. Kisan College Jind Haryana established in July 1972, is affiliated to the Kurukshetra University. Chhotu Ram’s contribution to the process of social change and nation-building was tremendous and his is almost a house-hold name in this region. Although situated in the Distt. Headquarters, with apparently urban setting, yet at the most it may be called a semi- urban institution since an overwhelmingly by a large number of students hail from backward rural area. Most of them come from distant villages. Spread over 8-acre land almost in the heart of the town, the college has two faculties, namely the Arts, & Commerce. CRKC has developed itself over the years and retains its prestigious position as the foremost of institutions dedicated to Arts and Commerce education in the State. Its Alumni occupy distinguished positions in almost all spheres of society, government, bureaucracy, banking, finance, academics, business, journalism and media. It has been a long journey through the thirty seven years and yet the journey has perhaps just begun. CRKC continues to remain a dream destination and then a springboard to great achievements for many a youngster of our country. The College has on its faculty highly qualified academicians and attracts the very best of students from all over the state. Students enjoy a distinct advantage in the matter of employment in reputed organisations and a good number of them are offered positions, through campus recruitment, even before their results are declared.

List of Presidents and Administrators
Sr.No.     Name     Period
1     Ch. Jogi Ram     1972-1975
2     Ch. Ram Narayan Singh I.A.S.     1975-1977
3     Ch. Dariya Singh     1977-1980
4     Ch. Dariya Singh     1980-1982 (Feb.)
5     Ch. Bhadur Singh (H.C.S.) (Administrator)     1982-1985
6     Sh. Brij Mohan Singla (Ex.Minister)     1985-1988
7     Dr. R. B. Lingyan (H.C.S.) (Administrator)     1988-1991
8     Ch. Narayana Singh (M.P.)     1991-1994
9     Ch. Narayana Singh (M.P.)     1994-1997
10     Ch. Amir Singh     1997-1998
11     Master Sube Singh Julani
(Elected as Vice-President and act as President)     1998-2000
12     Ch. Ishwar Singh Lohchab (Advocate)     2000-2003
13     Ch. Narayana Singh ( EX.- M.P.)     2003-2006
14      Sh.Yudhvir Singh (I.A.S.) (Administrator)     2006--2008
15     Prof. Dalbir Singh Kharb     2008- 2011
16     Prof. Dalbir Singh Kharb     2011- 2014
17    Sh. Ajit Bala Ji Joshi(Administarator) 2014-

List of Principals
Sr.No.     Name     From     To
1     Sh. Hukam Singh     22-12-1972     05-02-1974
2     Dr. Joginder Singh Yadav     29-08-1974     31-05-1976
3     Sh. Ranjeet Singh     06-07-1976     02-12-1978
4     Sh. Hukam Singh     18-12-1978     17-07-1981
5     Dr. Ram Kumar Kadiyan     01-12-1981     31-08-1982
6     Sh. Ran Singh Ruhil     07-11-1983     21-11-1985
7     Mej. Brij Mohan Issar     18-12-1985     13-03-1987
8     Dr. Ishwar Dutt     08-10-1988     15-05-1990
9     Dr. Mangal Dev Lamba     16-05-1990     07-06-1992
10     Dr. O.P. Jakhar     18-11-1992     15-01-1997
11     Sh. Inder Dev Redhu     16-01-1997     28-02-1997
12     Dr. O.P. Jakhar     01-03-1997     18-11-1997
13     Sh. Inder Dev Redhu     19-11-1997     29-02-2000
14     Dr. Mangal Dev Lamba     16-05-2001     31-03-2008
15     Dr. Subhash Chander Lohan     02-12-2010     - 31-1-2017

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