1. B.A.  

 The course offers a combination of subjects with a view to provide a general understanding and foundation in Humanities and its applications. Students here have a distinct advantage of being taught by some of the best minds of the various humanities departments. This course prepares them to pursue a subject of their interest at the Masters level and also helps explore a variety of career options.
2. B.Com.

 The widely coveted B.Com. course aims at providing comprehensive insight into finance, banking, law, accounting, taxation and management, which play an important role in today‚Äôs dynamic business environment. If you are aiming for professional courses like C.A., I.C.W.A. / A.C.C.A., and C.S., this is the right starting point. Those aspiring to become entrepreneurs will also find the course valuable.

3. B.Sc.
4. B.Com. (Vocational - Computer Application)
5. M.A. Public  Administration